Bob Bentley

Available Light

A one-hour television drama in the BBC2 Screenplay series written by Robert Smith. Based loosely on the ‘Ruralist Brotherhood’ it is about a reclusive artist who is visited by a young art dealer and a mysteriously beautiful woman. It stars Joely Richardson, Tom Bell and David Morrissey.


“The whole echo-chamber of allusions bonged through the viewer’s mind – Antonioni’s Blow-Up here, Hitchcock’s Vertigo there. The big secret when it came, bound up past and present images, from art and from life, most satisfyingly – then left you dangling as the final scene suggested a whole new relationship between artist and muse. It was unusual to find a TV drama so keen to tantalise as well as traumatise, to suggest fathomable mysteries and solvable puzzles, yet leave you with the sense of final, unguessable secrets.”

The Sunday Times

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